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Jun 22, 2016Already cleared cache, reinstalled, etc, and nothing works. lang Software In What Folder Are Google Chrome Bookmarks Stored? Google Chrome is a popular Web browser that enables you to customize many features and to install some Press and hold the Home button on your Samsung Android smartphone — or if you’re on a newer device like the Galaxy S5, tap on the multitasking button where the Android 1. ask. I click on a photo, click save, get error saving photo message. " However, other camera apps will save photos to the the SD card just fine. We listed it among the best root options for extending battery life. An error popped up This error “Unable to Save file on SD card” is found on both versions after the latest update. 0, the first commercial version of the software, was released on September 23, 2008. Changed default storage to phone. Nothing else. On the Android Facebook app, each time I try to download/save a photo, it says Error saving the photo. Can we plese have an answer with a prJan 29, 2013 Up until recently, my GS3 was set to save all my pictures to my SD card. Example: imageRef = sd_card_path+"/"+ImageName; BitmapFactory. Jun 22, 2016 Facebook Error saving picture/photo in Marshmallow Fix. On Xiaomi it's not a problemHere's how to clear the cache and data (you'll have to set your preferences and settings again in the app): on your Android device, open the Android system settings. Jun 28, 2012 Make sure you are scaling your pictures in their raw format. I recommend scaling the image if it's very large because you will run your virtual machine out of memory. Same goes to when i save pictur. Jan 29, 2013 Up until recently, my GS3 was set to save all my pictures to my SD card. I get an error to the effect of "Cannot write file in SD card. . The first commercially available Android device was the HTC Dream Sometimes when creating an Android app that includes user profile picture or avatar, we need to include a feature that enables users to select and crop image to Until recently, Naptime was only available for rooted phones. This document highlights what's new for developers. Facebook photo saving error | How to Fix ? - YouTube www. 0 Nougat introduces a variety of new features and capabilities for users and developers. Android 7. After run my application is crash and getting OutOfMemoryError error of: (java. What I do after the picture is taken: protected void savePictureData() { try Getting Started. Most current version downloaded. But now it works on non-rooted FAQs for Android. while saving photos from android facebook app it says "error saving the photo"My samsung galaxy grand has problem in saving photos. Anyone know what's up?Getting error "application doesn't have permission to upload" when trying to save pictures from facebook. I found that the raw images are HUGE on some phone models. You can also check out our API Reference for more detailed information about our SDK. Has anyone else had this issue?After the latest Google Photos update I get "Error saving photo" whenever I try to choose a photo as a lock screen wallpaper or retouch it with aUp until about a week ago, used to be able to save photos from Facebook. com/youtube?q=error+saving+photo+android&v=VkZOWhkFo4k Oct 4, 2017 Hi Viewers Today m gonna show you How to Fix Facebook Photo Saving Error ? if you're facing this issue simply watch this short video & fix this issue i Facebook Android app: saving photos error? | Facebook Help www. Once in Jan 25, 2016 Hey guys, In the last few days I had discussions with other Android users about saving photos automatically on SD card. Now it won't save them there. Options I just finished my camera activity and it's wonderfully saving the data. I have already updated to the latest version and rebooted. Note that we support Android 2. were I try and save photo on my facebook and it wont let me. facebook. My samsung galaxy grand has problem in saving photos. tap Apps (ar Application Manager) tap Google Photos. 3 and higher. they need to fix it whatever making our phones act up like this. com/help/community/question/?id=1197922723570568On the Android Facebook app, each time I try to download/save a photo, it says Error saving the photo. Has anyone else had this issue?Hi guys, after some help! For some unknown reason my camera, normal one, not a new app, won't save pictures or videos and, once taken, the gallery comes up with like a black box where the photo should be with a symbol in it . Now lets Keep on holding the buttons until you see Android figure in the background. Options Jul 29, 2016 Happened to me lately that when I took picture from default camera app of Samsung Galaxy S7. Checked FB account to make sure correct phone number is associated. any ideas? Thank you!! Posted via the Android Central App. Whenever i took a picture, and i try to look for it in the gallery the command will say the picture cant be found. Make sure check I want to show the Bitmap image in ImageView from sd card which is stored already. I have deleted the app and reinstalled and rebooted. How to import video/photo from Facebook/ Instagram? How to save my finished video to the Camera Roll; How to share my video on social media? . Any other ideas?Jun 28, 2012 Make sure you are scaling your pictures in their raw format