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Nor do I own you. He is given a peerage and control over what should have been for Rias. "What do you want?" I asked. Today at Issei there are only him, Koneko, Akeno, and Zenovia who's come to visit. And also, Xenovia  22 Dec 2015 Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Y/N) P. Some c. 2017 Leia as melhores histórias escritas pelos fãs de High School DxD com Koneko Toujou com o gênero Lemon. Issei: Damn! Was that Riser's Queen?! Koneko: I'm sorry… Issei: Highschool DxD Fanfiction Season 1 Chapter 11. :D Click here to leave REQUESTS! ---> ignoblefiend. IsseiXHarem (Akeno, Koneko, Rias and others). S. " she frowns at your comment "Don't you  4 Sep 2016 Hello! It's special ( Kinda ) for the amount of 150 watchers! ( IT's 149 actually, so I hope for that one more from this! xD ) My rant about how awes Hunter ( Koneko x Male!Reader ) 150 Watchers! naruto and highschool dxd fanfiction, Naruto and High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D crossover fanfiction archive with over 410 stories. High School DxD (Anime & Manga), scopri 35 nuove storie su EFP Fanfiction, il più grande sito italiano per leggere e scrivere assieme ad altri fan. Issei was then treated to a nice shot of Koneko's pretty pink pussy as Kuroka held her leg up in the air. Koneko - Chapters: 20 - Words:  30 Oct 2014 Rated T for Violence, Strong Language and a risk of future lemons. 717 3 2. LAST NIGHT  17 Aug 2012 Koneko somehow got a love potion that made her fall in love with Issei, how will this turn out? M for the optional lemon chapters. Issei is a pervert. deviantart. Oct 29, 2017 Issei held Koneko in his arms he then looked up angrily at Yubelluna. ARE WE GETTING CARRIED AWAY? Mmm, I don't think so. Battle of Gods è l'ottavo volume della fiction A DxD Chronicles, si consiglia la lettura dell'opera precedente Real Name? Tipo di coppia: Het | Note: Lemon, OOC, What if? www. Sep 5, 2014 author's note: this is a continuation of the story "Love Potion" by Killah883. Note: This is how I think Issei would be if he wasn't a massive perv. " (???): "Issei, they are just trying to make sure he's alright. Right now we go back to the house where Issei has been called out by someone outside his door. well basiclly I will leave in three day Koneko x male reader: The break up. Anyway, I have not watch Highschool DxD it is on the list, but I have read enough fanfiction and got the l The King and Queens Pet (Rias X Mreader X Akeno) 9 Jun 2016 You awoke and got ready for the day to come it wasn't a school day, but you were used to waking up early. Hope you guys  30 Dec 2015 Reader's pov You had walked into the gym and saw a girl that you reckonized sitting on the floor. The anger that she was feeling far surpassed anything she had felt before. I've been considering writing one of these for a while, Highschool DxD (A Female Reader Insert) Chapter 1. I make no Oppai-Dragon's Playtime chapter 2 Sorry for the slow updates, but life hasn't been giving me enough time to write, let alone write lemons. +6 more. 19 Oct 2016 This will be a collection of Lemon chapters between Issei and the girls of the DxD universe (and maybe characters from outside DxD depending on thw wishes of the readers). Awesome. Fanfiction. This was a request by Thelightbetweentrees (awesome name). . I will be trying to stay as close to original storytelling as possible. This one shot focuses on the sexual adventures of Koneko, it was originally to be multiple posts but I chose to put them all into one. " Riser said with a smirk. " He tells him as he points at the white haired girl, she just gives (Y,N) a glance before she returns to  12 Apr 2016 - 39 sec - Uploaded by Clips4FunDisclaimer: I do not own this clip or the audio track. "The current Ise-kun will just hurt her more even if you go after her, so don't. "Same to you. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Friendship - H. net Summary: just as he thought he was going to have an ordinary high school life, Ichigo Kurosaki finds himself allied with the devils and thus a new adventure strarts and what about Jellal? who was thrown in to a strange world Bleach/DxD and a very little fairy tail since Jellal rocks/still thinking if lemons  Apr 28, 2015 AU where Issei is born 17 years earlier and is a half-devil. If you can't get enough Sebastian, Ciel, Claude and Alois be sure to pick up Black Butler Season Two for their adventures. Akeno HImejima. Issei, Words: 14k+, Favs: 197, Follows: 211, Published: Oct 19, 2016 Updated: Jul 8 I told Koneko that it was probably a little too early to tell if she was pregnant or not but she insisted that she was. So yeah don't report me please. Something about sensing it with her  6 Jan 2017 If you're going to try to flag this, this is a LEMON that I marked with LEMON in all caps, I'm not going to try and be slick and sneak it by Highschool DxD x Male!Reader - Chapter 4 LEMON. Hope your enjoying the chapters. She then watched as Issei  7 Feb 2017 wanted a Koneko X Male Neko Reader, and some one else wanted a Koneko X Male Reader, so here we go. Статус: Закончен Fuck the meringue and cool whip((With the emphasis on the H)), straight lemon anything was the best. For DxD I mostly just want there to be a good story, some lemons, and preferably 29 Jun 2016 Hello this is a another one jason12346 gave me the idea for so yeah hope you enjoy and a big thanks to jason12346. I just changed a few things like instead of an oc scout main i just did a male reader insert instead. SLIGHT LEMON SCENE. So Rias sighed and  20 Sep 2016 Disclaimer: I do not own High School DxD. Its fine to skip this chapter since it is only the lemon scene. 10 Apr 2017 Hello everyone! I'm betting you're quite surprised to see this. Hardcore lemons. Since the day of Koneko's passing the Occult Research Club as resumed daily duties of  Feb 24, 2013 After Kuroka and Le Fay moves to the Hyoudou Residence, Kuroka and Issei starts talking to each other regarding Koneko, but Kuroka remains reluctant to make amends with her. To Koneko he 3 Jul 2015 For those of you who actually enjoy back story with their lemon, kind of like tea, read this first. Hope you like it. A, Alaska with his mother for five years of his life. Lemon was Isseis Koneko frowned knowing that there was something deeply wrong with Issei, but she did not press the matter. +. The Hyoudou Residence was called to stop  Oct 11, 2013 Ok, y'all are gonna hate me, but I recently watched High School DxD and I loved it! So, here is my first OC story, and the character is based off of me, but there are pretty much no exaggerations as far as appearance and personality go. Issei, T. V I sat in my chair at the Occult Research Clubroom and stared at the antique clock on my desk as I tapped my finger on my woo Hurry Up And Be Mine (Yandere!Rias x M!Reader) Highschool DxD: Average. "Y/n are you still playing video games. 24 Apr 2017 AN: So, I have reached 400 watchers. Takara was another strange kid at Kuoh high school (from high school DxD) who was always in the wrong places at the wrong times. Let me know what you  20 May 2017 highschool dxd rias x issei 「Time To Say Goodbye」♫ 「AMV」♫. fanfiction. 24 Jan 2017 Disclaimer: I don't own High School DxD or its characters, which are actually owned by Ichiei Ishibumi and others. V Right now I was walking the weapons meister academy, I was finally accepted int A Weapons Lover(Tsubaki X male reader)Lemon. This story is based on a dream i had about the other day when all i did that day was watch High school dxd and play tf2 it was weird asf. I like fics with a little bit of comedy, but that is not a must. koneko-chan. I've been waiting for a long time, around a year and half, to know who will be the dub cast and how the English voices will be, now it'll be here soon. 14 Mar 2016 I just received the coldest "You are the worst" quote from Koneko-chan! I don't know what I did wrong! I just don't know! To begin with, maybe I should go after her? I tried to leave, but I was stopped by Akeno-san. O. No complaints thereof will be paid attention to. Please review accordingly! Disclaimer: I don't own High School DxD or any of its characters. Highschool DXD Lemons by UnspokenWords21. " I said as I sat on the seat. Many of the church folk call him the Son of the Holy One. Rated M for violence, language, and some lemons. If I take a look, Koneko-chan and Gasper who 3 Oct 2017 The perfect HighschoolDxD Koneko Animated GIF for your conversation. If you have guts than good for you and keep on reading. Koneko Toujou. ''Issei you in their''. " (Issei): "I know it's just that, he's just so  30 Dec 2015 Warning: The following story is involves smexy scenes and other +18 stuff. 25 Apr 2016 WARNING THIS CHAPTER IS A LEMON. LEMON END "Thanks Akeno" Naruto Juvia x Reader {Lemon} Riza (FMA) Rias Gremory (Highschool DxD) x Reader {NaL} Akeno Himejima (Higschool DxD) x Reader {NaL} Search | FanFiction 18 Nov 2016 (Lemon Warning!) Rias P. Skill level, I will admit, is a bit ridiculous, but it would be boring if it  Apr 28, 2015 AU where Issei is born 17 years earlier and is a half-devil. This is Issei and Koneko from High School DxD becoming a couple. Now without further ado  24 Jun 2015 New Chapter. The first chapter will be my idea and maybe the second chapter as well, but depending on how well it does, I will look to the reviews  30 Jun 2012 Another news and something I wanna say, that Highschool DxD will be dubbed by Funimation and I've already seen the English cast. I would also like to point out that this is based off of the anime, not the manga or light novels. Even the feeling of Naruto's arms wrapped around her couldn't quell the negative emotions that had built up inside of her. 9K 539 25. com/jo… I don't own High School DxD, it's characters, settings, or it's plots. 10. :D Click here to leave REQUESTS! ---> ignoblefiend. He gave me permit as I explained it seemed unfinished to me. YOU ARE READING. from Black Butler Official · Sebastian and Ciel Lemon | Fanfic / Fanfiction Um pequeno milagre escrita por Ichigo-Masaru14 · Black Butler  12 dez. Chapter 1:the pain. This video is non-profit and for entertainment 19 Sep 2015 In the main room of the Occult Research Club at Kuoh Academy, the gathered females of the club stood before their club captain Rias Gremory, who sat com High School DXD: A Demonic Milking. "andrew wtf! why are you uploading a new story and why are you still here!". Cuando Koneko-chan tiene sueño, Issei-san es su almohada favorita n. Feb 7, 2017 wanted a Koneko X Male Neko Reader, and some one else wanted a Koneko X Male Reader, so here we go. Description: High School DxD / Highschool DxD : Issei struggles to build a friendship with his junior Koneko, but when a series of misunderstandings threaten to tear the . 29 Oct 2017 Issei held Koneko in his arms he then looked up angrily at Yubelluna. Content Tags : 3Plus, anal, BDSM, exhib, fet, fingering, oral, solo & toys. What can Issei do about it? Mostly Issei x Koneko. IsseixHarem. Issei's parents went on a honeymoon. Highschool DxD-Koneko Love Story - Kapitel 1 - --Levi-- - High School DxD Anime & Manga Fanfiktion Geschichte Romanze Fantasy. Random updates, going with the less-used characters first. "Haaa, haaa, haaa," Koneko was panting harshly, wondering what she is going to do to help herself with her heat. Issei is surprised  5 Aug 2013 Happening after Volume 14. Remember to Favorite or Review. Highschool DxD: Blue Dragon Emperor. At young age, Alex develop the ability to control water and ice. Koneko Toujo. Issei dreams to be the harem king and he intends to achieve it. Y,n POV "Good to see you again y,n. "They're here  8 Jul 2015 Koneko couldn't help but release an angry hiss at the retreating form of the pair of heiresses. For example, tossed directly into the middle of a fight between the house of  Anime » High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D Rated: M, English, Romance & Humor, H. Anyway enjoy the cringe! Lemon  20 Jun 2016 (Rias): "Alright everyone needs to go home, while Akeno, Koneko and I will monitor (f/n) after we bring him to his home (???): "B-but Rias, that's no fair, why does the new guy get to have you girls to himself. Naruto released  23 Apr 2012 One normal morning at Issei's house, Issei runs for his life from Koneko-chan because he tried to peek when she was taking a bath. Chapter 2 - Rise of Tithonus Male Reader X DxD Girls "Everyone, I'll like to introduce to you, (Y,N) (L,N)!" Rias announces as (Y,N) stands there, giving a "I'm Issei Hyoudou and thats Koneko. Seriously? 4 Aug 2016 I know what you are gonna say. Koneko is mysteriously sad. Now not only does she have to contend with fighting against Britannia, but also with Suzaku Kururugi: The White Dragon Emperor! A lemon Yuri  Located : +G to L > Highschool DxD. THERE BE LEMONS, hence the rating. Special:Akeno x male reader | Demonic Queen (HighSchool DxD. And if you do read I hope that I do somewhat good Male Reader X Koneko (#7) High School DxD/ハイスクールDГ—D. My first FEMALE reader insert. So I tried and make this close to his lvl or even better. Let me know what you  Read Story 10 from the story Highschool DxD : The Power of Improvise(male reader x highschool dxd character) by Cropspeed with 1543 reads. He runs out from his house for his. fanfiction naruto phenex, naruto and hinata lemon fanfiction, naruto and highschool dxd fanfiction rias bashing, naruto and highschool dxd fanfiction naruto x koneko, naruto and hinata  16 Jan 2017 (Male Phoenix Reader x Ravel) Please don't report me, there's a lemon. Previously on "May God Rias felt sorry for Koneko, because Koneko was in love with Issei and she didn't want her to take Issei all for himself. fanfic. You yawned as you headed to the office where t Forever Yours Rias Gremory X Reader. Last time Issei had just gotten another score on having sex with Xenovia. Fanfic / Fanfiction O Peão Mais Forte Gêneros Ação, Aventura, Comédia, Crossover, Ecchi, Ficção, Ficção Adolescente, Ficção Científica, Harem, Hentai, Lemon, Luta, Magia, Romance e  At first, Koneko disliked Issei due to his lecherous mind and antics, but respected him after seeing his determination and tenacity for never giving up and also because of his willingness to go to great lengths to help a friend in need. #1. Even though his methods got lecherous, she drew on his courage to help herself get stronger  13 Apr 2017 First story (and a cringy one as well). Alex a child that was born and raised in a church in U. Instead of dying, he takes control of his own life and shows the supernatural world that HE is the alpha male. fanfic, Issei and Koneko then heads to the gymnasium his Rook, xuelan, and Pawns, Mira, ile and nel, koneko battles Xuelan while Issei battles the remaining three Pawns. A collection of smutty lemons of Issei x female character. "Have you heard about the new Red Dragon Emperor?" He asked. " …. Koneko was a petite girl around 15 years of age with w Koneko x MaleReader. " Rias lectures you like she always does "Oh my god your not my mum/mom. This story takes place in-between se Issei's big bust (Issei into Rias Gremory tg). That can't be good for your eyes. com/jo… I don't own High School DxD, it's characters, settings, or it's plots. IsseixHarem (most likely) More Disclaimer: I don't own High school DxD. Browse through and read or take thousands of highschool dxd stories, quizzes, and other creations. This amv is about rias who can t get over issei s death and wants him back. en esta historia va ha heber una pareje que yo quisiera que aparciera en la serie issei x koneko. If you don't want to Highschool DxD Girls to Cows Girls. A stray Nekomata was spotted in the Underworld with a grudge against Kuroka. issei