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What is haematology? 2. Amoebic Antibodies. B. . Blood Group & Rh Factor (Forward And Reverse Grouping). Doctors request forms for Insurance will require full payment at time of collection. Department of . Current pdf files of this form can be found on the Online Laboratory Test. Volume of blood. CALDL Calculated LDL. 1 to 5 days. HAEMATOLOGY. About us: The main Haematology Department, including Blood Transfusion, is situated on Level 4 of the John . 2. Most of the values apply to adults and where they differ for children it will be indicated. pdf. 8-1. nshealth. 1–0. SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS. Fasting Recommended (10-12 Hours). Acid phosphatase. Coag, INR, APTT . The A1C is a lab test that tells what your average blood glucose has been during the previous 2 to 3 months. 3mL whole blood collected in a EDTA (lavender-top) tube or ACD-A or ACD-B (yellow-top) tube. Blood Tests. Calcium. R TAT. Full blood count with differential. 164. LABORATORY REFERENCE RANGE VALUES. CHOLESTOROL. 25. Blood Clinical Chemistry. §. Posttest. cms. wwwjmcetDoza and click on “locate a lab“ for a list of more than 200 laboratories and depots throughout South. 3. Blood components. Centrifuge and aliquot serum to a transport tube; Freeze immediately. COMMENTS. Normal Values. Indirect Coomb's Test. Notify Department in advance. Provider Name. Only a subset of . Haemopoiesis. CBC with Differential. A-Z TESTS BIOCHEMISTRY. Calcitonin, serum or  The blood tests conducted within a health assessment are interpreted in conjunction with a clinical examination, previous medical history and current medications. London. Chapter 3 alphabetically lists laboratory tests for specific ana-. strenuous activity results in a decrease in blood sugar, an increase in creatinine, and multiple-fold increase in lactate. 17 α OH Progesterone. Blood Cultures for Microbiology should be taken before any blood samples. A1C is pronounced “A – one – see. Guide website shown above. Notes: The normal ranges in each laboratory depend on the local population, test methodology and conditions of assay, units, and a variety of additional circumstances. Plain Clot. Laboratory Techniques and Procedures— Handbooks. Chlorides. The main . When you test your blood, this tells what  14 Mar 2006 TEST NAME. Interpretation given with report. Table 1: Vital Signs and Body Mass Index. Test Code, Test Name, Sample Type, Cost (PKR), Special Instructions. . What blood  patients for this test must be referred to a Health PEI Hospital. what does your blood test mean? This document provides some reading material to be used in preparation for the “Haematology – what does your blood test mean?” workshop at RMIT's Experience Health and Medical Science day. REFERENCE RANGE. *see. 9–44. Transport. understanding. Africa. BIomarker PaNeLs. It is wonderful to have a large team of world experts at our disposal at Capital Pathology and we will continue to test the limits of your kindness and availability! I would also like to thank the companies who have sponsored the fifth edition. 50. Many important laboratory  attempts to provide a comprehensive list of CPT codes for all of the possible components of the test. MIX BY GENTLY INVERTING THE TUBE 8 TIMES. 163. Barbiturates. See the list below: Ammonia: 15-50 µmol/L. For information regarding the Mayo Clinic Critical Value List, contact Mayo Medical Laboratories at. CD4 absolute count and percentage. Find a list of those factors. CA 19-9, serum. Hemogram (CBC-27 Parameters With Automated ESR) Direct Coomb's Test. Total. Centrifuge specimen and refrigerate if pickup time is more than 2 hrs. 2–9 mg/24 hr. Blood must arrive in the laboratory within. Birth Date (Month DD, YYYY). 13 mcmol/d. Blood Sugar (micro method). 00. 0-12. 1158. $1. Freeze. This table lists reference ranges (expressed in both SI units and traditional units) for the most common laboratory tests and is intended for interpretation of the results as they are provided in the examinations. Urinalysis. ✓ Fecal occult blood test. Dengue Profile (Igg, Igm And NS1 Antigen). *Test values dependent on laboratory methods used. 0. Transport Container. Copper: 70-150 µg/dL. http://www. (Na,K,Cl,CO2,Gluc,Bun,Creat,Ca). 6th. 4 weeks. Cost. 8. 25-125 U/L. Amylase. Differential. Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation. Cerebrospinal Fluid Examination. ICD-10 Diagnosis Code. • Rapid HIV antibody tests (first, second and third tests). Hinton State Laboratory Institute's (SLI) Manual of Laboratory Tests and Services. Laboratory Techniques and Procedures—Nurses' Instruction. 166. CLINICAL. Patient Information (required). Allergens. uk/docs/Pathology%20Harmony%20for%20web. 14. ACTH, plasma. • Sputum send-out for culture and drug susceptibility testing. Tube Guide Rev Date: AUG 2017. ” The A1C test is different from blood testing you might do yourself. (3 mL for both). 70 mcmol/L. • Blood type. 10–300 mcg/dL. Transport on Dry Ice or in Freezer Packs. Cardiovascular Test List. Q. 3 mg/dL. Each laboratory has specific reference ranges. may give you a list of questions to find out whether you have risk factors, such as a personal or family history of birth defects, belonging  I have therefore put together a new list of qualitative and quantitative parameters. Export to PDF. Ceruloplasmin: 15-60 mg/dL. Chapter VII. 706. AMIN'S PATHOLOGY LABORATORY PRICE LIST. content/uploads/schedule_uploads/00007/8464%20Medical%20Multiple. Activated partial thromboplastin time. Specimen requirements and reference ranges for blood analyses (Adults). This test is referred to the Hospital for tropical Diseases,. it lists ISOTON III, Isoton 3E or LH Series Diluent / Lyse S III diff Lytic. Micro. 0 (Bodansky) units/mL. Request a  1 Aug 2012 DR. 4th. At physicians office (average 5 measurements). 5 nmol/L. Colorectal Cancer. Specimen notes. 4. Chapter IX. CDC Dash form http://www. NOHDL Non-HDL Cholesterol. and diagnostic tests. Laboratory Procedure Manual. (White blood count, red blood count, hemoglobin, hematocrit, platelets and diff. ca/system/files/sites/116/documents/laboratory-test-catalogue. Analyte: Complete Blood Count. SIGNIFICANCE. Agglutinins - Blood Group Abs,  Where do I gofor a blood test":| Please visit the Lancet Laboratories website at. SI REFERENCE INTERVALS. 112,340 colon cancer . TB diagnostics. ABS (RBC Antibody Screen). Blood urea nitrogen: 8-21 mg/dL. MCC = Medical Council of Canada. Comprehensive Drink plenty of plain, filtered water the day before and the morning of your blood draw. 8-20 U/L. 800-533-1710 . : This document details the Lab Protocol for testing the items listed in the following table: Lab . SPEC REQUIREMENT. SPECIMEN REQUIREMENTS. 2000–8250/μL. New reference ranges. Reference range. See Separate Examination Booklet  BLOOD TEST CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE. Test. 15-30 mL peripheral blood, fetal blood, bone marrow aspirates, amniotic fluid, chorionic villi, skin and other tissues, abortus products and some solid tumors. Store and Ship Refrigerated Department: Immunology. AABB (Formerly American Association of Blood Banks) Immunohematology Reference. For a list of Capital Health outpatient blood collection locations and hours of operation please consult for the Blood Transfusion Services division of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Diagnostic Tests Manager, Blood Banking and Pre-Transfusion Testing. BLOOD, PLASMA, SERUM. ) None. 5-Hydroxyindoleacetic acid, urine. 24 hours. * Aspartate aminotransferase (AST)  Complete blood count (CBC). What is pathology? 70% of medical We have all experienced having a pathology test at some point – but very few of us are aware of  11 Mar 2013 Blood Test Results, Normal Blood test ranges and Blood test results for female and Blood test results for male, Blood testing and rare Blood testing results. Prostatic fraction. 10–60 pg/mL. Turnaround time. Any clinically significant results will have been explained either during the Health Assessment or in the Executive Summary along with any appropriate advice. Functional Tests. cdha. hse. References. AAP. 504115, 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D (D2+D3 Fractionated), LC/MS-MS (LabCorp), Clotted Blood, 12,000, Centrifuge the sample within 45 mins and refrigerate. They have shared their knowledge, experience and advice with us and we thank you. [DNLM: 1. Specimen container. Chapter VI. STD and HIV Lab Tests. pdf ). * Alanine aminotransferase (ALT), serum . • Why are tests done during pregnancy? • What tests are done early in pregnancy? • What is a CBC and what can the results show? • What is . (MLTS) describe our services. Chloride: 95-105 mmol/L. 1. Many important laboratory  ABO Group and Rh Type (Blood Grouping). CVrmP Cardiovascular risk marker Panel, serum. A leading blood test laboratory of India, Dr Lal PathLabs now makes it easy and convenient for patients to check their lab test results online with just a couple of clicks. Notes on collection & storage,  like pregnancy tests and blood glucose tests, the home. Patient report. Urine dipstick for sugar and protein. papillomavirus DNA testing. Biochemistry Histology, Secretion Regulation and Effects of Adrenal Cortex Hormones. Method: Complete Blood Count with 5-Part. Thyroid Function Tests. CHEP 2012. The listings below discuss a few of the more common things measured in chemistry and hematology tests and their clinical significance. Contact the laboratory for test prices as required. Select Organ Function Blood Tests. • Acid fast bacilli (AFB) smear microscopy. Description of tests. Preferred Specimen(s). Laboratory Techniques and Procedures—Handbooks. ie/eng/services/list/3/hospitals/Southtipp/ 600,000 tests annually in Haematology & Biochemistry and over 3800 samples annually in Blood. Matrix: Whole Blood. 25-125 U/L . ALT/AST. Appendix 1 - Chemical Pathology - List of tests and notes. Contents. Amylase, serum . TEST. Centrifuge & Separate. • List of test prices for  Over the next few weeks, you will see some changes in the reference ranges to some routine blood tests. Any tests  This table lists reference ranges (expressed in both SI units and traditional units) for the most common laboratory tests and is intended for interpretation of the results as they are provided in the examinations. Sample: 1. Bioche m. NORMAL. Multiple tests for specific blood components, such as a glucose test or a cholesterol test, are often grouped together into one test panel called a blood panel or blood Pathology Test List. LabCorp test menu provides a complete list of specialty and general laboratory testing services by keyword or condition. (Bilirubin total and/or). A. 2 weeks. Laboratory Diagnostics. Chemical Pathology & Haematology. 5–2. 5th. 31 Mar 2016 http://www. specific age related ranges. Liver Function Tests. RANGE. ISBN 978-80-246-3497-5 (pdf) . 11,150 cervical cancer diagnoses (2007). Identify the Root Cause ♥ Use Food as Medicine ♥ Learn-Heal-Thrive! MOST IMPORTANT LAB TESTS. Chapter VIII. <15 mcg/d. Specimen Handling. Page 2. Alkaline phosphatase. Unstable compound. CMS Brochure #5 (March, 2006). Augmented Histamine Test. Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Phenotype. Specimen Collection Center for collection. 8-20 U/L . S TAT. Acid phosphatase, serum. 5. Screen. Select Diagnostic Tests. A blood test is a laboratory analysis performed on a blood sample that is usually extracted from a vein in the arm using a hypodermic needle, or via fingerprick. LAB. Creatinine: 0. SERUM. 28 Nov 2013 testing- mls. Quantitative laboratory test results for the blood and. * The units for enzyme activities are especially sensitive to such circumstances. These addresses can be down loaded as electronic business cards, as PDF's or they can be e mailed. Cadmium, urine, 24 h. acb. REPLACE AFTER JUN 2018. Bring this list to your doctor/practitioner. 4. Storage &. Creatinine. Alpha 1 Antitrypsin. E. 15 minutes, on ice. 11-deoxy cortisol. Blood Pressure (Systolic / Diastolic). Must be sent to the laboratory on ice for immediate separation. Many factors affect test results. Amniotic Fluid. gov/ncezid/dhcpp/pdfs/CDC50_34. 480. MALFUNCTION. 14 Dec 2017 Distribution of testing on various sites within the department of laboratory Haematology 11. 10 Aug 2015 Test price list – refer Appendix 5. org. Adult Sample Type. <37 kU/L. LYTES. The Massachusetts William A. Absolute neutrophil count (ANC). 1. 5. • Insurance Medicals - These requests are to be charged to the insurance company on original Insurance Request form. LC2ND, 2nd Opinion Histopathology from LabCrop, Wax  10 tests and exams everyone with diabetes should be getting. 7 billion (2004). Quality . <37 U/mL. PROTEIN ELECTROPHORESIS [ELP]. 89–26. gov/CLIA/downloads/HowObtainCLIACertificate. 1 Sep 2016 http://www. Range 20-160 u/L. 5 mcg/dL. Blood. Yellow top tube (Serum). If you think there are parameters that should perhaps be added or deleted, limits, which need changing, or notes that need to be amended, your suggestions would be most welcome. COMMON LAB TESTS. CHEP = Canadian Hypertension Education Program. 1 nmol/L. If submitted with a CBC, HbA1c or any other test requiring a EDTA (lavendertop) tube, submit a separate tube for this test. CBC-COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT. Patient Name (Last, First, Middle). (While every effort is For a list of locations where specimens for Pathology and Laboratory Medicine are received For a list of Nova Scotia Health Authority-Central Zone outpatient blood collection locations and. Electrolytes. 6-Thioguanine, whole blood. <0. 3. HIV diagnostics. < 140 / 90 mmHg. The normal ranges above are typical, but the normal ranges established for  2 Sep 2016 For DH users : Blood and spot urine tests are required to be collected in tubes with bar code labels (Table 1). CCS = Canadian Cardiovascular Society. BMP-BASIC METABLIC PANEL. Method No. I. 4 unit/mL. Laboratory Techniques and Procedures—Nurses' Instruction. 7788. This is part of a national initiative See: http://www. Laboratory tests help doctors determine what is going on within your body. HDCDC HDL  attempts to provide a comprehensive list of CPT codes for all of the possible components of the test. 230–400 pmol/8x108 RBCs. test. (Blood). How do I prepare for  13 May 2014 The values listed below are generalizations. A1AT Phenotype / AAT Phenotype. Ferritin: 12-300  1420 records SRL Diagnostic offers whole range of Radiology, Pathology ,diabetes,hiv infections,cancer,tumor & wellness test by using latest technique & equipment. Following A full list of the affected tests and the new reference ranges is shown  Rapid test for pregnancy. Parameter. TESTS. Paediatric Sample Type. b. Collect as routine venipuncture. Toxic. AB screen. Cadmium, whole blood (Hep). Cholesterol total and/or free ester cholesterol. Primary specimen- aseptically collected lesions or eschars, whole blood, tissue, . Multiple tests for specific blood components, such as a glucose test or a cholesterol test, are often grouped together into one test panel called a blood panel or blood  LABCORP TEST LIST. Analyte. PROFILES. cdc. None. 6 mL Red. 2